Not all Booths are Created Equally. Top Four Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Photo Booth in Charleston SC!

Looking to create a special experience for your guests for your next birthday, engagement, holiday party or corporate event? Or planning your once in a lifetime wedding and want your guests to capture their moments of your big day?

We know it can be overwhelming to plan and have to choose from an assortment of photo booth companies!  Many people seem to assume that one photo booth company is basically the same as the other? And the only thing that separates them is price?  It’s just taking a photo, right? Wrong!!!

Not all photo booths are created equally.   

Booth companies can fluctuate massively in a number of key areas, from experience, reliability and professionalism to quality of product & of course, pricing.

So we put together a list of the top things to look for when doing your homework and choosing a booth company for your next event.


Every now and then we get a phone call, asking us to step in when the booth they hired is either not working, cancelled at the last minute, overbooked or simply didn't show up!  We get it - sh*t happens but do your homework, check reviews carefully, and choose wisely! That Groupon may look like a good deal but could backfire on you within hours of when you say, “I do”!  

Quality of Images

Your photos captured will be memories. Forever.  Make sure your photos are captured with the highest quality of a DLSR camera (no web cam!) and professional studio lighting.  All of our images shown on our website and across our social media are our own photos taken with our booths! We proudly showcase our portfolio on our Facebook and Instagram profile.  When browsing other companies, make sure to notice any inconsistency in quality in photos being advertised or lack of photos present to represent the company!

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Custom Print Design

Most companies provide a sample of templates to choose from and then personalize with your name and date!  We completely customize our prints by providing a questionnaire that you complete with your event details.  We then design your template from scratch - your photo template will be one of a kind!! Have an amazing invitation, brand color and logo incorporated throughout your event - we’re more than happy to create a template to match!  And the cherry on top - we have a full selection of modern, chic backdrops to blend effortlessly with your event!

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Professionalism and Experience

Most photo booth operators are running their business as a hobby or as a side business; usually as an add on service to a DJ or photography services. This is particularly problematic when you are trying to plan an event quickly or during your own busy working schedule, and your photo booth company is tied up at the full time job, only returning calls on their lunch break or after hours. We specialize in photo booth experiences only!  That’s it! A lot of time and planning goes into your event, your photo booth should be no different and you should expect no less! We are here to make every detail matter!


You will notice that I did not included price as a factor when choosing a booth, and obviously budget does come into play.  If you are looking for a photo booth strictly based on price, we may not be the right fit for you.  But if you are expecting the highest quality photos, custom designs, and incredible service, you won't regret choosing Lowcountry Photo Booth!  We hope to be of your service soon! CLICK HERE to get in touch and let us know your event details!

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