Top Three Reasons to Have an Intimate Wedding at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston SC

We’ve noticed a trend over the last year….intimate weddings are on the rise!  Brides and grooms are starting to limit the number of guests at their weddings.  But why?

  1. More relaxed.  You will celebrate one of the most important days of your life with the people who matter the most!  Instead of obligated acquaintances, you will be surrounded by friends and family that will make you feel more at ease for a celebration of a lifetime.

  2. You have more venue options.  The larger the guest count, the larger your reception space; which can limit your choice for a Charleston wedding!   The Conservatory at Magnolia Plantation is one of the most romantic venues in the area that boasts an array of tropical flora, has an outdoor deck overlooking grand cypress trees upon the cherished red bridge, and offers a natural setting for a waterfront ceremony; BUT can only host up to 60 guests!  

  3. You can splurge!  Some couples choose a small guest list so they can truly go all out for an extravagant wedding!  Depending on the couple, this could mean a five course gourmet meal with late night snacks at the after party, booking Atlanta’s hottest 13 piece true big band Big Blast and the Party Masters to come to town, capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories with a luxury photo booth from Lowcountry Photo Booth or all of the above!

Because your wedding won’t be average (like every other wedding that you have been to 😉), an intimate wedding will leave an impression to be remembered!

Our team recently serviced Marie and Steven’s beautiful, intimate wedding at The Conservatory at Magnolia Plantation and we loved how our minimal setup blended effortlessly with their reception.  Our modern, sleek booth and a cocktail table for a small collection of premium props can fit an 8’x8’ footprint without scarifying style and quality. Go bold - request no props and let your guests walk away with a glamorous photo to cherish forever.  Book our photo booth today!

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81 Magnolia Plantation Conservatory Lowcountry Photo Booth.jpg
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